Valentine’s day messages – What to write in valentines day cards

Are you looking for romantic Valentine’s day messages? Then you have come to the right place! On this page you can find several valentine’s day wishes. We hope you’ll find something that you can use in your valentine’s day card.

valentine's day messages

Valentine’s day messages – suggestions

I will always, always love you!

To the world you might be just one person, but to me you are the world.

You are a haven for my heart, a refuge for my soul.

Being with you is my greatest pleasure. You are special. I love you!

I am wondering how I got so lucky to have you as a girlfriend.

I feel the happiest when I think about you, because I love you.

I love you more than words. Happy valentine’s day!

Your smile sets my heart on fire.

I have fallen in love many times… But always with you. Happy valentine’s day!

To me you are perfect! Happy valentine’s day!

True love stories never have endings. Just like ours. I love you! Be my valentine!

You will always be my one true love. Happy valentine’s day, sweetheart!

The best things in life can never be kept; they must be given away. A smile, a kiss, and love.

Hearth-felt wishes on this day to make your valentine’s day extra special! Happy valentine’s day!

I’m so happy to have you in my life! You are very special to me!

Love is being close to you and your warm touch. On valentine’s day I send all my love to you.

To the world you maybe be just one person, but to me you are the whole world.

You possess a piece of my heart and soul and I will never be complete without you.

Heart-felt wishes on this day to make your valentine’s day extra special! Happy valentine’s day!

I love loving you. Happy valentine’s day!

I love you to the mon and back, to infinity and beyond. Forever and ever!

For today or tomorrow, be mine, forever and ever and ever.

If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together. Keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever. Happy valentine’s day!

You’re the one that I want. Happy valentine’s day!

Loving you is a full time job, but I love my career.

Happy valentine’s day! When I’m with you I feel perfect.

From the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes, I love you! Happy valentine’s day!

I love your warm smile and your kind, thoughtful way, love the joy you bring to my life every day. Happy valentine’s day!

My love for you is a journey: starting at forever and ending at never. Happy valentine’s day!

When I try to think of all the reasons I love you, my head hurts. I don’t like to count that high.

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.

Happy valentine’s day to the sweetest valentine I could want. You are my sweetheart, and I’m so glad you’re mine.

A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you. Happy valentine’s day!

Let’s be absolutely stupid and fall in love with each other. Happy valentine’s day.

Words are never enough to express feelings for someone. But, I am making an honest attempt. I just want to tell you that I truly love you.

I may sound cheesy, when I say I’ll love you forever, but that’s exactly how I feel about you.

The simple things that you do for me make me feel so loved and cared for. I can’t thank you enough for those. I love you!

I couldn’t think of anything better to write in your card than the truth! I love you!

I do not think often, I do not think much but when I do, I think only of you.

The day we met is a day I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have never felt as happy as I do when I am with you.

I am so lucky to have a girlfriend who is beautiful, fun, smart and crazy enough to go out with me.

I pray to God for a thousand lives and I wish I get you in each of them.

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